Huge News!

Sunday the 3rd of December was without a doubt our proudest day to date here at In The Pink!  Just two days after his first birthday (and one week before Georgina’s 29th birthday), Seamus entered his first ever Obedience Trial, run by the Croydon and District Obedience Dog Club on behalf of the Victorian Canine Association.

Of 27 dogs competing in the level one (Community Companion Dog) class, Seamus came Third with a whopping 80 points, and was called forth to be awarded the family’s first Ribbon!

Seamus and Georgina couldn’t have asked for a more amazing birthday present! (Although Seamus was rather more excited by the roll of 4Legs dog food which came with his Ribbon).  How about that?  Our baby boy is not only no longer a baby… he’s a Star!

Of course, he couldn’t have done it without the support of his big brother and mentor, Fergal, who prepared Seamus for the trial with special in-tandem exercises the night before!

Now, of course, 80 points is not quite enough to earn a CCD pass – that takes 85, and Seamus has to earn passes at 3 separate trials in order to gain the CCD title. But that’s okay – some dogs take years to earn their first pass, and for Seamus to come just 5 points short on his first attempt is more than satisfactory!

Big smiles all round at In The Pink!!!!!

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