Dog Grooming Salon

At In The Pink, every dog is treated like a Show Dog… because no matter whether yours is a prizewinning purebred or a happy-go-lucky farm hound… he means as much to you sitting on the couch as he would trotting around a show ring.

Georgina is an Internationally Certified Master Groomer, one of less than 30 in Australia.  She can turn out a Traditional Breed Trim fit for the Royal, an Asian Fusion makeover to wow the gang at the park… or a simple, stylish groom to tame the fuzz and give your vacuum a break.

Click here to see some of her makeovers!

Upon arrival, all dogs receive a warm bath using premium products made by Australian show dog specialists, Plush Puppy. Next, their coat is blow-dried, their nails trimmed and their sanitary areas clipped.  

For dogs with smooth coats, this is all you’ll need, so check out the “Bath and Dry Only” line of our price list.  For dogs with longer hair, you have two options to choose from…

(1) Deshedding Treatment

The healthiest choice for double-coated breeds like Collies, Golden Retrievers, Pomeranians and Shepherds; your dog’s pale, fuzzy undercoat will be raked out and the coarser, colourful top-coat carded to remove dead hairs, leaving the live hairs strong, vibrant and silky smooth.

Checkout the two “Bath, Dry and Deshed” lines of our price list.  

(2) Full Trim

Have your dog clipped and scissored to the length and style of your dreams!

You may choose the Traditional Trim for your dog’s breed; an Asian Fusion style; a Teddy Bear trim; short-back-and-sides … or something customised to suit your taste and your dog’s lifestyle.

Check the ”Bath, Dry and Full Trim“ line of our price list.

(Please note, we don’t do teeth-cleaning, anal glands or ear-plucking at In The Pink, we recommend you go to your vet for these more invasive services).

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