In The Pink began with a remarkable Dobermann named Fergal, and his nephew, Seamus.

Today it is run in their honour by Behaviourist and Internationally Certified Master Groomer, Georgina, her bouncy Bichon Frise, Sparkles and four extraordinary Azawakh: Kora, Calabash, Tartit and Amzhad.

The phrase ‘in the pink‘ arose in Shakespearian times, meaning ‘a shining example‘.  In modern use, it means ‘perfect health‘. This sums up Georgina’s goals nicely: to make your dog into a shining example of canine style, whilst keeping his skin and coat in perfect health!

Located at Taggerty in the Murrindindi Shire, north-east of the Yarra Valley, she uses expert grooming techniques perfected by the world’s top pet stylists and positive handling methods based on the latest research into canine behaviour.

So no matter the makeover you have in mind … In The Pink is guaranteed to bring out the best in your best friend!

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