Big News!

Great big news here at In The Pink as we welcome our newest member of the family, Seamus the Dobermann!

Seamus is 8 weeks old today, and arrived home with a big smile on his face.  Technically Fergal’s nephew, henceforth he will be regarded as his baby brother!  With sparkling brown eyes shining with intelligence, and an extraordinarily mature, confident but calm attitude to life, Seamus holds tremendous promise for the future.  And he loooooooooooves cuddles!

Fergal and Kimberley are absolutely rapt!  It was such a joy to see the look of pure delight on their faces when Seamus stepped out of the car.  We had dearly hoped they would like him – but their reaction was well beyond our wildest dreams.

Within minutes, Fergal paid Seamus the ultimate compliment by presenting him with his beloved pink ball.  Ferg clearly can’t wait to play with him – but doesn’t understand why little Seamus keeps getting tired!  Meanwhile, Kimmy follows him everywhere he goes like a besotted nanny.

Once he’s settled in to his new life, Seamus will commence co-hosting our weekly Puppy Pre-School classes with Georgina, and spread his smile to the world!  Keep an eye out for him in downtown Taggerty!

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