Trial Number 2

Well… it would have been a Pass, but his bottom was so distracting……

Obedience Trials work like this: Level One entrants can earn a maximum of 100 points.  85 points and you earn a “Pass”.  Earn a Pass at three separate trials and you earn the Level One Title.  Then you move on to Level Two, and so on…

It’s pretty amazing for a young dog to earn 80 points at his first trial.  Seamus did, December 2012.  Thus, his ambitious mother couldn’t help but daydream of him earning 85 points – and his first Pass – at his second Trial, this morning.

And oh boy, was he on track….

His heeling was his best yet, his Stand for Examination was faultless, his Stays were rock solid, even when a fight broke out right beside him…

But then there was the recall.  And his bum.

The judge commanded Georgina to “Leave Your Dog”, and Seamus sat steadfastly in position whilst she took the necessary dozen paces.  The judge commanded “Call Your Dog”, and Georgina’s voice rang out.  Seamus hesitated, but then come he did, straight and true and……. skidded to a halt 2/3 of the way to sniff his own bottom.  Then trotted on to finish with a perfect Sit In Front.

Judges normally remain solemn throughout a Trial. Today’s judge found it difficult. So did the spectators.

Well, another 80 points it is then.


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