Countdown begins!

The countdown has begun!  Only one week to go before Fergal steps into the Trial Ring for the very first time… and he is practising, hard!

Fergal will be competing against 30 other dogs for the title of Community Companion Dog, at the Dogs Victoria recognised Open Obedience Trial, hosted by the Croydon & District Obedience Dog Club on December 4th.

The Community Companion Dog class is the entry level class in dog obedience competition, and involves the following exercises:

  • Heeling on Lead
    (including multiple formal halts/stands/drops; changes of pace; and figure-of-eights around the stewards)
  • Stand for Examination
    (handler leaves dog on a Stand-Stay, whilst the judge strokes the dog)
  • Formal Recall
    (12 metres off-lead)
  • 1 minute Sit-Stay
    (10 metres off-lead, alongside the other dogs)
  • 2 minute Down-Stay
    (10 metres off-lead, alongside the other dogs)

For weeks now, Fergal has put his best paw forward, practising each of these exercises to (almost!) perfection, with all his usual enthusiasm. Fergal loves obedience training, and under normal circumstances, he can perform them beautifully.  The question is… can he do it amid the electrifying atmosphere of the Trial Ring, in front of an audience, Judge, and 30 other experienced competitors……?……no pressure!

Stay tuned to find out!

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