Fergal’s First Trial

In The Pink‘s baby boy, Fergal the Dobermann, is scheduled to enter his first ever Open Obedience Trial on the 4th of December.  At only 17 months, Fergal is very young to be entering the trial ring; but he has been his “mother’s” special child since he first came home aged 10 weeks, and she believes he’s ready to go!

Fergal is a Dressage Pony in a Dobermann’s body: he loves to work!  Nothing gets him more excited than seeing Georgina pick up his working collar and lead… he knows what that means! Practice time! It’s every owner’s dream to have a dog who loves displaying their obedience skills… and Fergal is that kind of boy.

As a result of In The Pink‘s gentle, positive methods, Fergal firmly believes training time is the best time of day! He looks forward to working sessions above all else, and will even leave his beloved handbag (his infamous hot-pink horse-ball) in order to jump into the heel position.

Let’s just hope he remembers how much fun Obedience is when he steps into the trial ring next month!  All the pomp and bustle of a big competition is going to be a new experience for young Fergie… and Georgina is sure to be biting her nails daily until the big moment…

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