Behavioural Therapy

A well-balanced dog is a joy to own – but they don’t always come like that, straight out of the box! Even experienced owners can find themselves at a loss when they choose a new breed or adopt a rescue dog with a troubled past.

Some dogs are particularly prone to anxiety or aggressive behaviours, whilst others are such keen workers at heart that they cast about wildly seeking something to focus on.

Some need advanced canine therapy to resolve a serious behavioural issue … others are simply seeking for a few pointers to make life at home more tranquil, and to master those essential obedience basics which make for a well-mannered four-legged friend.

A certified instructor from the National Dog Trainers Federation, postgraduate specialist in aggressive behaviour and keen Dog Obedience competitor, Georgina has a treat-pouch full of tricks to get your pooch on the right path.

Using a combination of canine cognitive therapy, obedience training and even agility basics to build confidence and rapport between dog and owner, she will help you bring out the best in your best friend!

The process begins with a quiet, one-on-one session at In The Pink’s private training facility in Taggerty, complete with its own agility course, with further follow up sessions and/or homework planned thereafter, as required.

The cost is $60, and we supply all the equipment necessary (including extra people and/or dogs if need be!) … so all you need do is pick up the phone!

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