Puppy Lessons

Congratulations on finding your new best friend!

If you’ve just brought him home, he’s probably about 8 weeks old.  And over the next two months his bright little brain will grow to 80% of its adult size. NOW is the time to begin training!

Contrary to the beliefs of yesteryear, research shows the earlier you start your puppy’s education, the better. As a result, In The Pink encourages owners to seek guidance with training their new family member from the age of 8 weeks.

Held at our private, securely-fenced facilities in Taggerty, our training offers a safe outing for pups who are not yet fully immunised, assisting in developing their confidence about new people and places whilst they learn their foundation obedience skills.

Proudly sponsored by the Taggerty Veterinary Clinic, participants receive a 5% discount off vaccinations and de-sexing procedures.

Puppy Lessons cost $30 per 30-minute session.

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