Dog Grooming Salon

In our grooming salon, every dog is treated like a Show Dog… because no matter whether yours is a prizewinning purebred or a happy-go-lucky farm hound… he means as much to you sitting on the couch as he would trotting around a show ring!

So whether you envisage your pooch with a Traditional Breed Trim fit for the Royal, an Asian Fusion makeover to wow the gang at the park, or a simple groom to tame the fuzz and give your vacuum a break… In The Pink is the place for you!

Experienced in grooming almost all breeds and a vast variety of their crosses, Certified Advanced Professional Groomer Georgina is obsessed with pursuing perfection, and never lets a few knots slow her down. Before founding In The Pink, she co-ran Victorian Animal Aid’s grooming salon at Coldstream, where many dogs put the “dread” back into “dreadlocks”! So don’t despair if your dog if having a bad hair day: you’d be amazed what the right techniques, tools – and time! – can do.

Checkout our Grooming Gallery to see some example!

Here’s how it works

All dogs entering our salon receive a warm bath, using premium quality shampoos and conditioners made in Australia by show dog specialists, Plush Puppy. Next, they are blow-dried, dematted and have their nails trimmed and sanitary areas discreetly clipped.

Dogs suffering from ear conditions have their ears cleaned using one of the world’s top groomers, Lisa Leady’s K-9 Miracle Ear Elixir, which has produced extraordinary results for some of our most sensitive clients.

For very short-haired dogs, this may be all you require. If so, checkout the Bath Only column in our price-list below.  If you have a medium or long-haired dog, you can choose one of these options:

(a) Deshedding Treatment
Have your dog’s pale, fuzzy undercoat raked out and the coarser, more colourful top-coat carefully carded to remove only dead hairs, leaving the healthy hairs intact and silky smooth. This process is the recommended option for double coated breeds like Pomeranians, Collies and Shepherds, reinvigorating the coat and promoting healthy skin.  (Prices below)


(b) Style Session
Have your dog clipped, scissored and/or hand-stripped to the length and style of your dreams!

You may choose the Traditional Trim for your dog’s breed; an Asian Fusion style; a Teddy Bear trim; short-back-and-sides … or something totally customised to suit your taste and your dog’s individual coat.  (Prices below)

Dog Size Bath Only Deshedding Style Session
Toy (e.g. Maltese) $30 $45 $60
Small (e.g. Cocker Spaniel) $40 $65 $80
Medium (e.g. Border Collie) $50 $85 $100
Large (e.g. Shepherd) $60 $105 $120
Giant (e.g. Malamute) $70 $125 $140

In The Pink also offers free nail painting to all short-haired dogs and any long-haired dogs have their feet clipped short.

We use safe, specialised doggy polish made by PAWZ, and have a wide range of colours available for you to choose from, including red, yellow, orange, blue, purple, green, gold, silver… and of course, pink!

If this is something you’d like added to your pet’s groom – just ask!

Your Pet Comes First

As a Certified Advanced Professional Groomer, Georgina is bound by the International Professional Groomers Inc.’s strict Code of Ethics, and as a vet nurse, she has the knowledge necessary to put the health of her four-legged customers first.  There is no set time limit for each groom, allowing Georgina to utilise her background in animal behaviour to help any pooch learn to love the grooming process in a kind and relaxed fashion.

So, whichever grooming option you choose, you may rest assured your best friend is receiving the utmost care, and will come home looking, feeling and smelling sublime!

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