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There are good dogs, and there are clever dogs. Then there’s Marley.  Marley is an exceptional dog.  Before the age of 1, she could complete all the standard obedience exercises off-lead and to perfection.  And watching her do agility… pure magic! A social butterfly to boot, she is an absolute … …more

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Most little girls grow up reading about white knights in shining armour… well, this beautiful blonde has one of her very own! When Sarah met Tombo, she was a quiet girl of 11, and he a shy, lanky puppy of just 8 weeks. Now, one year on, the pair glow … …more

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German Short-haired Pointers are brilliant dogs – one of In The Pink‘s favourite breeds.  But they are not for the faint-hearted!  Nor the novice!  Superbly bred, epitomising the intelligence, energy and attitude of his kin, Milo’s early life became a game of pass-the-parcel. Owner(s) Number 1 purchased the playful puppy … …more

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Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t hear “FRANK!” without picturing Michael Crawford in Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em, and his character’s beleagured wife, Betty, sighing “Oh Frank, what ‘ave you done now?” And, the day I first met Frank, the inimitable Pomeranian, he did rather fit the picture. A … …more

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When over 40kg of high-speed hunter ploughs towards you with jaws wide enough to fit your head in… either you have to love it, or run! Luckily, everyone loves Shannon! A lithe young lady who’s massive size belies her sweet nature, Shannon is the life of the party.  A yearling … …more

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Sweet Dee

Every school has a Teacher’s Pet, and here, that would have to be Sweet Dee!  This stunning black and tan Kelpie bounced into puppy preschool aged 16 weeks, and excelled at every exercise almost immediately.  With boundless enthusiasm, rapid-fire intelligence and the world’s biggest ears, she is a genuine joy … …more

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