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Asian Fusion

Asian Fusion is the trendy new style sweeping the dog grooming world! Long-haired pooches from all walks of life are exquisitely groomed into cuddly Teddy Bears with Moustaches or Mohawks, Comb-Overs or Koala Ears, Bell-Bottomed Legs or Baby-doll Bunches.  Is this something you’d like to try out on your dog? … …more

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Back to Work

Georgina is back from Maternity Leave!  Grooming, weekly classes, private lessons and behavioural therapy have all recommenced! In The Pink‘s new team-member-in-training, Daniel, may be seen assisting with these tasks, under the watchful eye of his doting big-brothers, Seamus and Fergal!

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Late Sept

Georgina will be on Maternity Leave from late September to mid October, so if you’re concerned your hound’s hair care cannot wait, get in quick! Weekly Training Classes will also break for September and resume 19 October. (Meanwhile, checkout this AWESOME drawing one of our regular students did for us … …more

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Advice for pregnant dog owners always centres around the day baby comes home – letting Fido sniff a blanket, showing him the baby and ensuring he still gets some quality moments in between feeds, nappy changes and the 101 other things involved in caring for newborns. Whilst these suggestions all … …more

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Every dog is special in his or her own unique way. But once, maybe twice, in a lifetime, you meet a dog who stands far apart from all the rest. Born 17 May 2001, Kimberley was one such dog. With the characteristically short coat of an Australian Working Border Collie, … …more

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Tummy Tuck

Well wishes have poured in for In The Pink‘s inimitable team member Kimberley, after she was rushed to doggy-hospital late last month for emergency surgery. Kimberley was suffering from Pyometra, a potentially fatal condition occurring in intact female dogs whereby the uterus becomes infected and severely inflamed, gradually filling with … …more

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Trial Number 2

Well… it would have been a Pass, but his bottom was so distracting…… Obedience Trials work like this: Level One entrants can earn a maximum of 100 points.  85 points and you earn a “Pass”.  Earn a Pass at three separate trials and you earn the Level One Title.  Then … …more

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Huge News!

Sunday the 3rd of December was without a doubt our proudest day to date here at In The Pink!  Just two days after his first birthday (and one week before Georgina’s 29th birthday), Seamus entered his first ever Obedience Trial, run by the Croydon and District Obedience Dog Club on … …more

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Wire Attacks

Early this morning, Seamus was the victim of a vicious, unprovoked attack, rendering him screaming and incapacitated. A malicious piece of ringlock wire mesh launched a savage attack on the unsuspecting Dobermann, as he wandered innocently through some shrubbery on his way to eat horse manure.  Leaping from its hiding … …more

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Big News!

Great big news here at In The Pink as we welcome our newest member of the family, Seamus the Dobermann! Seamus is 8 weeks old today, and arrived home with a big smile on his face.  Technically Fergal’s nephew, henceforth he will be regarded as his baby brother!  With sparkling brown … …more

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