Tummy Tuck

Well wishes have poured in for In The Pink‘s inimitable team member Kimberley, after she was rushed to doggy-hospital late last month for emergency surgery.

Kimberley was suffering from Pyometra, a potentially fatal condition occurring in intact female dogs whereby the uterus becomes infected and severely inflamed, gradually filling with pus. If not caught in time, the distended uterus can rupture, allowing the accumulated pus into the abdominal cavity, swiftly leading to peritonitis, renal failure, sepsis and death.

Whilst un-neutered females of all ages are susceptible to this condition, it is increasingly likely in older dogs who have never had puppies.

Generally, affected dogs will display some behavioural signs of illness such as increased drinking and lethargy … but not Kim. She’s a tough old country girl and she seemed absolutely fine. Luckily, her “mother” is a vet nurse, and Kim’s was what is termed an “open” pyometra, allowing some of the bleeding caused by the infection to drain via the vulva. Georgina knew this discharge was out of sync with Kimberley’s cycle and immediately sought veterinary assistance.

A competent canine anaesthetist, Georgina has had many a hound unconscious on the operating table before her, but when it was dear old Kimmy, facing surgery at the ripe old age of 12, it was a somewhat nerve-wracking experience.

However, In The Pink‘s affiliated vet, Dr Rebecca Parth at the Taggerty Veterinary Clinic, has never put a foot wrong with our pets – and she didn’t this time. Kimmy came through the 2-hour ovariohysterectomy superbly, and has made a prompt and full recovery.

In fact, we would all swear that the experience has taken years off Kimberley, and she’s even taken to returning to assist with Obedience Classes, showing off her newly trimmer figure!

Even so, definite lessons to be learnt from this experience – desex your dogs before they reach maturity, and if ever something seems even slightly amiss, speak to your vet: it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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