German Short-haired Pointers are brilliant dogs – one of In The Pink‘s favourite breeds.  But they are not for the faint-hearted!  Nor the novice!  Superbly bred, epitomising the intelligence, energy and attitude of his kin, Milo’s early life became a game of pass-the-parcel.

Owner(s) Number 1 purchased the playful puppy as a hunting companion, without any prior experience in dog training in general or this complex breed in particular.  Threatened with a sticky end, Milo was rescued by Owner Number 2, who, sadly, quickly discovered 1 high-powered yearling GSP plus 3 children under 3 was a head-spinning combination.

By this stage, Milo was over-excitable, domineering and dog-aggressive.  Enter Owner(s) Number 3… and In The Pink!

Long story short, his new (and permanent!) parents and Georgina fell in love with Milo at first sight, and today, this consummate clown is a joy to know. Performing advanced obedience with aplomb, he could give many a star-studded trial dog a good run for their money.  But, so far, his folks are happy to enjoy a quiet life together… if there is such a thing when you live with Milo!

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