Wire Attacks

Early this morning, Seamus was the victim of a vicious, unprovoked attack, rendering him screaming and incapacitated.

A malicious piece of ringlock wire mesh launched a savage attack on the unsuspecting Dobermann, as he wandered innocently through some shrubbery on his way to eat horse manure.  Leaping from its hiding place amidst a callistemon bush, it ensnared Seamus expertly by two back toes and threw him mercilessly into a nearby wombat hole.

Screaming with all his might, Seamus lay trapped in a twisted heap.  His mother, appropriately clad in her underwear and socks, came racing from the bathroom and out across the frosty grass to his rescue.  Swiftly availing herself of a trusty pair of wire-cutters, she freed the hapless victim, and returned him to the safety of the fireside, where he huddled in her arms, shaking.

The rest of the family rushed indoors, distressed and mud-covered, to make sure he was okay.

A thorough examination has indicated Seamus will make a full recovery from his ordeal, and will still be able to eat his breakfast.

And his brother’s breakfast.

His mother is now cleaning the living-room (fully dressed).

Dog owners take note: beware of fiendish anti-dog weaponry lurking in your garden!  

Take all possible precautions to protect your dog from cruel attacks!

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