Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t hear “FRANK!” without picturing Michael Crawford in Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em, and his character’s beleagured wife, Betty, sighing “Oh Frank, what ‘ave you done now?”

And, the day I first met Frank, the inimitable Pomeranian, he did rather fit the picture.

A rescue dog who’s former life was limited to the four walls of an apartment, young Frank had never seen the big, wide world and OH MY, was there a LOT to DO in it!  And to BARK at.

In The Pink‘s first session with Frank was a private affair (the details of which shall remain between me and Frank), before he took part in group classes.  At the end of his first class, Georgina had all but lost the power of speech, after an hour of making herself heard over Frank’s running commentary…

Today, however, a very different Frank steps out of the car each Sunday afternoon.  Now capable of advanced obedience, he performs a wealth of exercises with great diligence.  And, silently.

We foresee great things for Frank – so watch this space!

Here’s some happy feedback from Frank’s mum:

“Frank and I love our classes.  I don’t quite know which one of us learns more, but I definitely see the changes in Frank.  He hasn’t commented about the changes in me!  When we brought Frank home he screamed at everything. He screamed at dogs, people, bikes, trees… anything you can name. He rushed at people and I feared he may bite them. Just about the only time he was quiet was when he was asleep.  He ran in circles, spinning around and around constantly.  The only way I could feed him was to hold him still so he would pause to see the plate on the floor.

“Since training with In The Pink, Frank comes when he is called, walks in the park without the lead and understands commands like sit, drop, stay and heel.  He has learned to approach other dogs politely and consequently he can socialise appropriately. Our most time saving achievement is that he can be fed without 15 minutes of spinning.  He comes outside, sits when asked, stays while the plate goes down and waits until I tell him to eat.  This is incredible progress!!!” – Jenni

WOOHOO!!!  Three cheers for Frank!!!  He’s a real favourite.

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    Go Frank !!

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