Shannon the Irish WolfhoundWhen over 40kg of high-speed hunter ploughs towards you with jaws wide enough to fit your head in… either you have to love it, or run!

Luckily, everyone loves Shannon!

A lithe young lady who’s massive size belies her sweet nature, Shannon is the life of the party.  A yearling Irish Wolfhound, she loves to meet you eye-to-eye, and will happily fold herself down to play with a Pomeranian or stand two-legged to smooch the instructor.

When she first began training, it took two people to sit on top of her to get her to lie down.  Today, a single word and she drops like a stone, stays like a statue or springs into the perfect heel routine!  She is nothing but a star!

Here’s some awesome feedback from Shannon’s dad:

“Woohoo!  Well, who would have thought it? Shannon has progressed to Intermediate level obedience at Doggy School!  Georgina is the dog whisperer and li’l miss and I both love it!  I am addicted now!  If you have a mutt, come along…it is sooooooooo much fun!” – Ian

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  1. Sandra says:

    I agree, Georgina is the dog whisperer! She has done wonders for my 18 month old rottweiler Ruby who is now more obedient than I ever thought one of my dogs could be.

  2. Shannon says:

    Hello Instuctor Georgie..just letting you know that my dad and I love your class. I especially love the way you teach my dad to teach me. I have come such along way in a short time and please be assured that we will be there every Sunday. If he is reluctant to get out of bed I have just the cure for him, a good digging at the doonah with one paw usually does the trick. If that fails he gets the “digging for rabbits treatment”: 100kph with both paws and he is up and coffee`d and we are on the way. Thankyou so much for the fabulous post on “In The Pink” WE LOVE IN THE PINK and FRANK!

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