Website Launch

At last we’re here!  In The Pink has made it online!  It’s been hard for Georgina to explain to Fergal, “I’m sorry darling, I can’t spend time with you right now because I’m too busy writing a website about you,” … no, that didn’t go down well!

But despite the odd hiccup involving dog-slobber on the keyboard and a good strong nose-shove under the elbow just at the point of a crucial mouse-click … is finally up and running.

It’s exciting to have a web presence, as even though we know we can’t reach every dog out there needing help with training or behavioural issues, it’s our sincere hope that the gradual accumulation of photos and anecdotes on this website will inspire dog owners to believe that each and every canine can become a shining example of man’s best friend: it’s a just a matter of showing them how.

So for those of you living in Victoria within reach of our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch … and for web-surfers from further afield, take heart, seek out your nearest dog club or private trainer and get started!

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